Frequently asked questions about the utility token KADA. Which powers the Aventar ecosystem.

How can I obtain KADA?

  • Staking: Each Aventar NFT will receive 10 $KADA per day whilst staked.

  • Coin flips: Feeling lucky? Coin flip your $KADA to earn more.

  • AV Coins: Engage with the project to earn AV Coins, which can then be swapped for $KADA in our Discord store.

What can I spend KADA on?

  • Future mints

  • Raffles

  • Auctions

  • Coin Flips

  • Art upgrades

  • Use within Kadaa, our Web3 freelance marketplace

  • More to follow...

Will KADA be listed on a DEX?

Yes. As soon as the project has minted, we will be creating a Serum listing for KADA and it will be listed on all popular DEXs for buy, sell and swap.

What is the KADA supply?

Pre-mint: 100,000 tokens

Capped supply: 25,000,000

Where does spent KADA go?

We do not plan to burn any KADA, the circulating supply will be kept low to ensure scarcity and support the price. All KADA spent on the above utilities will sent to the Aventar treasury.

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