💼Kadaa - Web3 Freelancer Marketplace

Giving power back to creators

We believe creators are the foundation of NFTs, so we’re building a freelancer service marketplace so they can thrive. Kadaa is a platform that gives creators the tools to reach the masses. It also gives buyers in need of a service the ability to easily search and purchase them.

Kadaa will be free to use and anyone can create an account as a buyer or seller. The platform will take a small percentage of each transaction to ensure the business is generating revenue.

Sellers will set up a ‘freelancer’ account and then can build out various offerings for services they provide. Each service will come with a description, price and an estimated time for delivery. Buyers are encouraged to leave reviews and ratings about their experience with the creator. New visitors can read reviews to make informed decisions on who to purchase services from.

Buyers will also need to create an account to search for, review and purchase services. Buyers can seamlessly pay for services, leave reviews and communicate with creators. Platform payment methods will initially be USDC & SOL. We will be working to integrate alternate crypto currencies and tokens, including $KADA.

Buyers payments will be held in an escrow account until the specified service has been completed. Should a transaction be disputed by the buyer, the smart contract will pause any movement of buyer funds until this is resolved.

Kadaa will be a crypto-agnostic platform. Allowing users from other blockchains the ability to purchase services in their favourite currency. Crypto swapping will also be a feature, giving buyers & sellers the ability to swap instantly between crypto currencies and tokens.

Kadaa is currently under development & will launch in Q1 of 2023. We're aiming to share front-end access to Kadaa before the end of the year. We’ll be giving creators the ability to apply to be the first 50 sellers on the platform. They will assist in our beta testing, whilst gaining exposure for their service or product.

Instead of hiring developers from Twitter & Upwork, we have decided to outsource the building of Kadaa to a world leading Blockchain development company - Antier Solutions.

Antier has offices in four countries and employs over 300 people. Once the platform is live, Kadaa will be jointly maintained and updated by Antier and Aventars in-house developers.

All of the information we need to share on Kadaa is too detailed to include within this whitepaper. We will release a Kadaa whitepaper in the coming weeks, with FAQs and tutorials on how the platform will work.

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