Aventar is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain focused on art, community and utility. Combined with a Web3 business intent on onboarding the next wave of users into blockchain and Web3 technology.

What are Aventars?

Aventars are a collection of PFP NFTs on the Solana blockchain. As a project, we're team of NFT fanatics, art lovers and difference makers. We started the project because we believe in the space and want to contribute to the ecosystem. We've created artwork we hope everyone will love and relate to.

Why mint an Aventar NFT? The artwork. We've spent months creating high quality PFP artwork, it is our belief that artwork brings people into the community, and utility makes them stay. Aventar NFTs are incredibly unique and we cannot wait to release them into the wild.

Freelance Service Marketplace. We are a business first, an NFT project second. Projects need to generate consistent revenue to continue building out utility for holders and Web3 as a whole. The main issue with the vast majority of NFT projects is they are not sustainable, we're here to change the mould. Our freelance marketplace, Kadaa will be a Fiverr competitor build on blockchain technology. Leveraging smart contrats, crypto and NFTs to provide a secure platform for sellers and buyers to transact. Kadaa will be the first platform launched by Kada Labs, the Aventar parent company. We have many other ideas in the pipeline which will be released in due course.

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